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Creative Nomads

Why Creative Nomads?

Because the name represents us. We are an Argentinian couple with many years of experience in entrepreneurship and creative work including photography, graphic design and more. We decided to travel the world doing what we love for living. That’s why we decided to name our agency Creative Nomads.

Are you really traveling?

Yes! We quit our job in a media agency in Dubai two years ago and decided to travel the world while working online. Since we have a lot of friends experts in different media fields we decided to work together and provide solutions to our clients around the world! 

How do you work on the road?

We take professional equipment with us. From cameras to computers. We got used to work online after many years working with artists from around the world. It’s easier now. We have internet everywhere.

Why is it cheaper to work with you guys than a normal agency?

Having a physical agency involves many high costs. It’s not only rent, but also electricity, internet, phone lines, salaries, hardware, and way more. It’s very hard to hire a good creative. Specially nowadays that everyone wants to live near the beach. So what we do is easy… we use most of those savings to pay better to our artists. So they are happy and work better. And of course we have a great relationship with them after years of friendship.

What are the benefits of hiring you instead of someone else?

We are living the life we always dreamed about. So we take our job seriously and we choose our clients. Happier artists make a better job. Nowadays because of globalization it’s easier for us designers to work online. So don’t be surprised if we have a Skype together near the ocean or a beautiful mountain. Trust me, it’s better to work with happy people 🙂 

Cool. What services do you provide exactly?

We are experts in branding, graphic and website design, creative campaigns and concepts, architecture renders and photography. Our team also can develop mobile applications and corporate websites. Also we can produce TV Commercials and media campaigns. But that requires us to travel in person and take our team from different countries to team work together for specific projects.

How many people work with you guys? What do they do?

During these years we were able to recruit a large number of partners. We have graphic designers, programmers, creative directors, video editors, high end photographers and videographers. Depending the budget and complexity of the project we can work online or bring a full team on location.

How do you get paid? What if I need a bill for tax purposes?

We have many possibilities for that. Usually our clients use bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal. But if you are located in Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, United Arab Emirates or Indonesia we can also provide you a local bill for taxes purposes. Our partners are registered in those countries.

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