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Jacha Inti Animal Shelter

Can a website improve animals lives?

We developed this website from scratch. It was a full one-month job on-site. Photography included.


Some highlights about JachaInti.com

  • Designed and developed in SPANISH, FRENCH and ENGLISH.
  • Documentation for potential volunteers.
  • Image Gallery and information about their camping services, horse riding and other activities.
  • Contact Form for Visitors and Volunteers.
  • Visitors follow up using Google Analytics.
  • 100% Optimized for Mobile Phones, iPads and Tablets.
  • All the pictures displayed in the website belong to the Shelter. We didn’t use any stock image.
  • Creation of Sustainable Campaign.
How to Help.

Imagine how important it is for a traveler to spend one month learning about our responsibility with nature, surrounded by so many animals, while understanding you are being part of a noble cause.

Refugio de Animales Jacha-Inti